UX Consultant

  • Location: London
  • Rate: Competitive
  • Contract Role

Work / tasks for the UX/UR person:

Service optimisation
  • Review and validate the metrics that feed into the GDS dashboards for each service:
  • - Completion rate
  • - Digital take up
  • - Cost per transaction
  • - User satisfaction
  • - Identify other key metrics we should be using to understand performance and identify areas to improve.
  • Establish a metrics baseline for each service and begin monitoring / analysing for insights.
  • Map out up-to-date user journeys for each service.
  • Prioritise areas of improvement and undertake deep-dive analysis to better understand problems
  • Work with me and the business analysts to build and prioritise a hypothesis backlog for proposed enhancements.
  • Build, test and iterate enhancements.

  • Projects

  • Projects cover both the development of new user journeys on existing services or refining an existing service.

  • Coaching and advising for business-as-usual activities

    • Validate / build our (currently very limited) understanding of our users, their needs and priorities.
    • Make this information accessible to the rest of the team through resources like personas, a knowledge base on Confluence, F2F discussions, etc.
    • Ensure we align to best practice design standards, whether on a big project or a small enhancement.
    • Use customer knowledge to help inform decision-making.
    • Produce user-friendly copy and designs on ad ad-hoc basis as smaller level enhancements are implemented.

    Desirable technical skills and experience

    • Experience of running user research assignments / projects using a range of methodologies to understand user needs.
    • Excellent knowledge of UX best practice and experience of creating UX designs for digital products and services.
    • Ability to combine user research and user experience skills to identify, understand and prioritise user issues; define desired outcomes and hypothesis for achieving them (linking to digital KPI's); implement and iterate optimisation experiments; and recording and sharing new learning and insights.
    • Experience of performance analysis, conversion optimisation techniques and content design would be highly advantageous.
    • Experience of working with frontend and backend developers to define and implement experiments / enhancements.
    • Experience working in agile multidisciplinary teams, preferably following the Digital By Default GDS Service Standard: user-first approach, accessible solutions, responsive 'mobile-first' web apps, continuous improvement (backlogs, sprints, retrospectives).
    • Experience with GDS design standards, templates and patterns.
    • Experience of building rapport / strong working relationships with business stakeholders to define priorities and design / implement optimisation experiments.
    • Experience of communicating learning and insights with different types of stakeholders, including technical stakeholders and senior stakeholders.
    • Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Security
    • Demonstrable evidence from previous assignments of impact of enhancements to digital products / services.
    • Ability / desire to be flexible with the roles of UR / UX and also take on minor performance analysis, conversion optimisation and content design activities - Equivalent to the Full Stack developer principle.
    • Excellent analytical, evaluative and problem solving abilities.

    Interested? Email your CV to careers@solirius.com ref: UX Designer