The Solirius delivery practice is the result of several years of IT services experience, industry best practice and thought leadership. It gives both Solirius and our customers a unified approach to successfully building, delivering and supporting complex applications and managed IT services.

We can supplement your team, work with other specialist suppliers or provide you with a one-stop bespoke service using one of our own high performance teams.

The Solirius delivery practice is based around key ‘dimensions’, each of which is adjusted to fit specific customer and project requirements:

  • Process – the methodical adoption of industry-leading processes, that support customer and delivery needs with strong consideration for the environment in which they need to operate.
  • People – the positioning of the most appropriate and highly-skilled staff on each project.
  • Culture – accommodating likely differences in local business behaviour, and delivery expectations.
  • Teams – the mobilisation of high-performance teams capable of working within the confines of the project process, industry best practice, relevant technologies and customer environment.
  • Tools - ensuring that Solirius has the right development tools to support the team and the process. Complementing and not hindering productivity and collaboration, both within the Solirius teams as well as between Solirius and the customer’s project team.
  • Communications – our experience is that easy, frequent and regular communications between the Solirius and customer project teams, is a significant contributor to successful projects


Our solution delivery approach is to work in partnership with you to produce software solutions that deliver outstanding business results.  We take the best of Lean and Agile thinking to ensure both the creation process and the solution delivered exceed your expectations.