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Business Consulting

Your digital service requirements translated, ready for technical development.

Taking the step to understanding what your customers want and need from a digital service requires people with expertise and insights about user requirements and a strong foundation in agile development. Our Business Consulting practice has a long and successful track record of providing this. 

Before doing anything else, we invest quality time in getting to know your users, your processes and your culture. Our consultants will conduct agile business analysis, build a high quality business case, translate your requirements into innovative technical solutions and be the bridge between you and the development team.


Our business consultants will be with you every step of the way, from discovery to the management of a new live product or service, helping deliver benefits for your customers. We do this for a broad range of clients across the public and private sector, and have extensive experience in delivering to GDS principles. 

With Solirius you can be sure that users will have been listened to and understood, and innovative solutions designed iteratively with them in mind. We always playback technical requirements to build understanding and confidence in the product and service. 

Using our in-depth agile business and performance analysis processes, our consultants will help build a business case that gives you the confidence that you’re making the right decisions for your digital transformation. 


Digital innovation

Driving innovative solutions that solve your complex digital challenges.

Business case development

In-depth options and cost-benefit analyses to build strong business cases and choose the right solution.

Digital change management

Expertise in managing the processes and cultural change needed to navigate your digital transformation.

Agile business analysis

Record business needs with agile mindsets, in agile environments, including user story creation with achievable and clear acceptance criteria to enable the execution of efficient development work.

Performance analysis

Monitor, analyse and define user and product performance, to support decision making and iterative business improvement.

Kieron West, Business Analyst

A career in business consulting means you’re involved in the full problem solving lifecycle. Our focus is on understanding our users’ needs and problems, then finding effective and creative solutions to address them. 

Since joining Solirius, I’ve been involved in projects from inception through to completion in the spaces of online learning, data management & transactional systems. I’ve found it incredibly rewarding seeing solutions that you helped develop, delivering real value to our clients and users.


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26 April 2022



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Business Consulting

My first steps into Software Engineering

Anyone with little to no knowledge of coding should feel they can start a career in Software Engineering with Solirius.

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