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Digital Engineering

Creating reliable, innovative, scalable software.

Delivering reliable, innovative software that can be scaled to meet user needs, requires an experienced, qualified and knowledgeable team, who understand the importance of working alongside you to iteratively build your vision. Our AWS and Azure certified engineers use a wide variety of technologies to build both specific and non-specific solutions that meet any requirements. 

Our test engineers will devise and implement testing strategies, use testing controls to mitigate risks, and use stress, load and performance tests to check the performance of your digital solution. 


Our flexible and adaptable teams have delivery experience across both the public and private sector. From transforming paper-based services into new citizen-facing digital ones, to using major cloud hosting platforms to build the environments and pipelines needed to shorten, automate and standardise the development lifecycle, our teams have the breadth and depth of skills and experience to meet your requirements in the most efficient and cost effective way. 


Our broad knowledge of test automation tools and techniques means we can cover all levels of testing including UI, API and databases. With high and measurable levels of coverage from unit level upwards, through to robust and maintainable regression packs.


Our Quality Assurance professionals will make sure your digital services work on all the major operating systems, internet browsers and devices. We work to obtain the highest level of accessibility, follow WCAG guidelines and stay up to date with industry best practices, tools and techniques to deliver services that are fully accessible. 


Digital delivery teams

Supplying our own team of engineers to create bespoke digital solutions.

Microsoft technology service

Our Microsoft specialists bring together services such as Sharepoint and Azure to develop solutions.


Using major cloud hosting platforms to build environments that shorten, automate and standardise development.

Digital testing

Mitigating risk, testing performance and ensuring stability of your digital solution

Usability and accessibility

Ensuring your digital services work for the widest range users and supporting any individual accessible needs. Supporting user requirements for all operating systems, internet browsers and devices.


DevOps technologies

Our DevOps engineers work across all the major cloud providers, including Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform. They deploy solutions at scale safely and reliably by implementing modern containerisation technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes, automated CI/CD pipelines with Travis and Jenkins, and leveraging Infrastructure as Code using Ansible and Terraform. 

Microsoft and .Net

Our Microsoft and .Net service provides engineers and consultants skilled across the Microsoft suite of technologies including Office 365, SharePoint, Power BI, C#, .Net, IIS, SQL Server and Dynamics. They are experienced across the range of Azure services and have a deep appreciation of the opportunities an integrated Microsoft ecosystem can deliver.


Our Java teams have experience of successfully delivering robust, scalable and performant Java applications using technologies such as Spring Boot, Maven, Gradle Camel, Service Mix, and Spark. They understand the wider Java ecosystem including microservices with RESTful APIs, delivered as Docker images and deployed using technologies like Kubernetes.

Front-end development

Our front end service provides state-of-the-art applications that are GDS and accessibility compliant and precisely tailored to user needs. Our engineers are proficient in popular technologies including React, Angular, NodeJS, JQuery, and Razor. 

Open source

Our Open Source teams are experts in the ecosystems and standards of Java, PHP, Ruby and Python. We understand the capabilities and complexities of each language, and help our clients to deploy the best solution to meet their needs. We’re familiar with a myriad of frameworks to support these languages, including Django, Ruby on Rails, Zend, Laravel, Symfony and Spring.

Claudia Rothmann, Quality Assurance Analyst

As a QA I am always thinking about how accessible and usable the end product is for the user, and how to eliminate errors and bugs to provide the best product possible for the client. I love working with the wider team to solve these problems, and enjoy the variety of work and the new challenges each day brings.

The projects I have worked on so far have had a real focus on ensuring inclusivity for all users. I truly feel like I’m making a difference for users by making the products accessible to everyone. 


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Digital Engineering

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Digital Engineering

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Digital Engineering

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