User-Centered Design

Combining user-centered design with data and the latest technology to deliver solutions that users trust.

At Solirius, we understand that the most complex digital journeys are best solved by putting the user at the centre from the start. Our goal is to design and build simple and innovative solutions that make every user’s digital journey a seamless and class-leading experience.

We believe passionately in working alongside users to understand their needs and the culture and environments they work and operate in. Combining this approach with our expert data and digital engineering teams, our UCD service delivers solutions for the most complex public-facing and internal-facing services.


With access to our teams of experienced Service Designers, Content Designers, UI Designers and UX Consultants, you will benefit from solutions that improve both the user's experience and satisfaction of the service. 


Our design team will collaborate and work alongside users, developers and your in-house teams to help create new solutions from scratch or enhance existing ones.


User research

Focus on understanding user behaviours, needs, and motivations through observation techniques, task analysis, and other feedback methodologies.

User testing

Test products and services with users to understand their behaviours and gain valuable feedback.

User-experience design

Create meaningful products centered around the user.

Product and service optimisation

Build new solutions or optimise existing products and services for our clients. 

Government digital services

Extensive expertise in building delivering new services to GDS standards.

Claire McShane, UX Consultant

Being part of the user-centered design service is extremely rewarding. I get to work with people every day to understand their pain points and user needs which allow me to create solutions that make their lives easier.

Solirius’ focus on empathy and accessibility drive ever growing value for our clients and I am very excited to be a part of this vital aspect of technology and digital transformation in today’s world.


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User-Centered Design

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User-Centered Design

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User-Centered Design

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