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Digital Delivery

From start to finish, guiding you through the delivery of your digital change.

At Solirius, we know that the journey to delivering new and transformative services can often be daunting - what’s the best fit for my organisation, what is the right technology, should I use agile or waterfall methodologies? Our goal is to support and lead you through every step of that journey, helping you to deliver simple and innovative solutions for users. 

Collaboration is our watchword. From helping to articulate the vision for your new service through to putting in place the right infrastructure for build and delivery, our Digital Delivery service brings together the expertise and skills in agile delivery from across Solirius to deliver class-leading solutions.


We work with you to build an understanding of your culture, values and user needs so the vision for your digital transformation is clear from the start. 

Our Delivery Managers will help select the right methodology for delivery. Agile delivery is at the core of our approach, but if agile is a new concept for you our Delivery Managers will help to coach your teams through the processes, building new skills in your teams and embedding a legacy of continuous improvement that will benefit your users and customers long into the future. 

Our Service Management team will collaborate with you to plan and integrate your new services into your organisation’s operating model, so that from day 1 your customers have a reliable and high quality experience. 


Transformation delivery partner

We work with your organisation to develop and deliver a vision that helps evolve your organisational culture and provide value to your customers.

Project delivery

We work with your organisation and stakeholders to select and implement the right methodology to deliver tangible results for your projects.

Agile coaching

Our coaches work with you to adopt agile best practices and methods within your organisation. Embedding agile values to create an effective and autonomous culture, delivering better outcomes for you and your customers.

Service management

We work with your organisation using the industry best practices to deliver a service management function that integrates with your business operating model.

Governance and assurance

Independent and objective governance and assurance for projects and programmes, from initial design stage through to in-flight projects, to keep delivery on time and on budget.

Hardeep Kaur, Digital Delivery Graduate

Pursuing a career in digital delivery means I am always challenged. I joined Solirius on the Digital Delivery graduate programme in September 2021, and every day brings something new! My development plan is putting me on the path to leading successful digital transformations in the future, and I have already completed courses on Azure Data factory, RAID management and Advanced Agile Project management. 

Being part of the Solirius graduate programme means I get the opportunity to apply my learning with clients right away, and I recently worked on designing a Data Ingestion roadmap, mapping the milestones & dependencies. 


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Discovery to Beta: putting users at the centre of the design for new digital services in education

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26 April 2022



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Digital Delivery

My first steps into Software Engineering

Anyone with little to no knowledge of coding should feel they can start a career in Software Engineering with Solirius.

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