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  • Ross Melville

Providing data engineering services that support company growth

Updated: May 13, 2022

Growth Intelligence specialise in helping companies grow, using AI and uniquely rich SME data to drive more revenue, reduce acquisition costs and increase conversion rates.

To support their business model Growth Intelligence were looking for assistance to:

  • manage existing infrastructure and scale data pipelines to handle ever increasing amounts of data using contemporary cloud technologies

  • create and maintain bespoke applications to support the day to day activities of their data science and customer success teams

  • maintain code libraries, repos, apps and machine learning feature data.

Setting up the specialist team

Our specialised resourcing solution gives GI access to experienced, high quality data engineers at a wide variety of levels. Proponents of agile delivery, our team adopts GI’s hybrid scrum/kanban approach, monitoring sprint progress using kanban boards and running the full range of agile sprint ceremonies (daily stand-ups, retrospectives and sprint planning sessions).

We collaborate with GI’s engineering and data scientists teams, using a stack of Python, Ansible, AWS, Tornado, Flask, Elasticsearch, Docker, Pandas. Working alongside the GI team and key stakeholders, our engineer’s work spans requirements gathering, technical spikes and OKR management.

2 years of success and growing

Solirius has worked with Growth Intelligence for over 2 years and we are proud to continue our association, helping to maintain and improve the leading-edge services that GI provides to companies around the world.

"The Solirius team are great additions to our engineering team. They are highly professional, effective at working independently (whilst also knowing when to seek clarification on requirements / design / architecture) and proactive in taking on projects / problem solving. They have integrated seamlessly into the team - which is great for us as a start-up as it enables us to have a single cohesive engineering team. They have a genuine interest in helping us succeed and creating a friendly and enjoyable culture to work in."

Prashant Majmudar, CTO at Growth Intelligence



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